2017 is SOOO Last Year

2017 is SOOO Last Year

Sunday morning blog and the last day of 2017…how fitting. Please grab whatever concoction fits your needs to read this (maybe you’ll need something strong for this one) and let’s get on with it.

I was laying in bed the other night and a thought came into my head. I thought to myself : “I’m now a day closer to my last day on Earth…”

I promise, you guys, I’m not morbid or constantly thinking about my time BUT….those little thoughts do come in and I let them. Because it’s reality. We are all given an allotted amount of days and it’s what we do with them that counts.

I know, it gives me anxiety as well.

But, it also brings me to this topic…

If you look at your life on a sheet of paper and there’s a start and stop date, I bet you would want to fill the in betweens with really cool shit. Right?

We do not know when our end date is. We do not know when our friends and loved ones end dates are. What I do know, though, is that I do not want to spend a day that is such a gift doing mundane and non productive things. And by productive, I don’t just mean work. You can be productive by expanding your mind by reading or attending a class. I believe in growing at any age.

Don’t limit yourself. I find that we can become too complacent in our current situations.

I love what Tony Robbins said once, “You will tolerate it until you can’t tolerate it anymore.”

Well, guess what? I cannot tolerate knowing that I have an expiry date on Earth and letting my precious life pass. Our time is valuable. I challenge you to ask yourself this question:

“What do I want to fill my “in between” days up in 2018 with?”

Do you want to repeat the same years over and over again? Nah!! Even if you are at 100% right now, there will be always room to grow and learn. That’s the way the movement of life is. Forward. Not backward.

You are not your past. You are not that awkward teenager. You are not the outcast. You belong with this beautiful universe. You are a Child of It. You are the co-pilot—that’s a pretty big deal.

I believe in you. I believe in myself. And I believe in us as a collective community. Let’s step into our roles of becoming better—it’s a bit by bit process. Small steps and the journey.

You know what…there WILL be bumps and bruises along the way. There WILL be moments of self doubt. There WILL be triumphs and accomplishments. There WILL be all of it!

Looks like you’re filling up your “in between” with an awesome pulse instead of a dull flatline, though.

Come on, 2018…we are SO ready for you.

With appreciation for your time reading my blogs and my best intentions for you to have an amazing 2018,

Lindsay M.


Flecks of Gold

Flecks of Gold

“…The kintsugi method conveys a philosophy not of replacement, but of awe, reverence, and restoration. The gold-filled cracks of a once-broken item are a testament to its history. The importance in kintsugi is not the physical appearance, it is the beauty and the importance that stays in the one who is looking at the dish…”(unknown author) 

I love this.

 I am laying here as I reflect upon my upcoming engagement party today. I’m thinking about how I got to here and now. 

I have been in a few strong relationships in my years and even though they felt right at the time, they ended in heartache. Sometimes it was me who did the heart breaking and sometimes it was I who suffered. 

It made me better, though. Just like the kintsugi method; broken but filled with gold. 

You see, throughout my 30+ years, I have longed for a beautiful connection with a significant other who could stand the test of time. I had glimpses of it and fragments as well. I was SO certain once or twice with it only to end and now a distant memory. 

But guess what? That’s ok. That was my path which led me to where I am today…about to embark on the great journey of marriage and setting up for a party to celebrate our love. 

I’m happy with my golden brokenness. The gold is beautiful and soft yet durable. Pain truly can become art. 

Remember, my beautiful friends…life is working for you and with you. Do not resist the flow. We are meant to progress. 

Enjoy your beautiful brokenness. 

With love, 


Sands of Time

Sands of Time

What I am reflective upon this morning is our time. Our accumulation of moments and things throughout our days that turn into weeks that turn into months that turn into years that turn into a lifetime.

How are we spending our time on Earth?
“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”

(Earl Nightingale)
While you’re reading this, I wonder if you get the same quasi-anxiety that I do about time and not accomplishing things that are extremely important for me to accomplish. Do you feel like you’re doing enough or that you are enough? Are you living up to your potential?
These are the questions that go through my head on a daily basis. I was lost in thought the other day and something came to my mind. 
“Are you living up to other people’s expectations of you?”
Now, before you start on me or yourself thinking that it shouldn’t matter what other people’s opinions are, take a look deeper into my question.
Maybe our loved ones see us with supreme potential. They have a different perspective on us than we can ever have on ourselves. They don’t know our neurotic tid bits of our inner mind workings. They would never speak to us the way we speak to ourselves when we are not feeling confident (and if they do, might I suggest that you get new friends).
Are you living your life to its full potential?
If your answer is no and if you’re thinking “when I get money, then I will be.” or “When I find the love of my life, then I will be.” or “When I get more fit, more beautiful…then I will be.”….then maybe it’s time to gently shift our thinking.
Use the time that was given to you to create who you are. Expect more from yourself and play a bigger game to become a more enriched person. Do that thing that you’ve been wanting to do that you have been putting off for too long. Go on that vacation. Volunteer at that food bank. Take that yoga class. Shave off your beard even in the prime of beard fashion. Call your estranged family member and have that heart to heart.
Use your time wisely. You’ll become a more heightened and aware person if you do. And who wouldn’t want that? 
All my best wishes and confidence in you,

Lindsay Maxwell.

Silence From our Past

Silence From our Past

I was never what they considered to be a “cool kid” back in my High School days. Granted, I thought High School was going to be defined by who was the Zack Morris, the Kelly Kapowski, the Jessie Spano, the Screech, and the Slater. I was wrong. Very wrong..

At the tender age of 13 years old, I walked into my school with wide eyes and big dreams. I wanted to be friends with everyone and, for the demise of every teenager, I wanted everyone to like me. I was friendly, awkward, creative, goofy, sensitive, kind of moody, and eager.

I made nice friends and some not so nice. At that point in my life, I didn’t understand why some people were rude to me as I was rarely rude myself. I naively thought that if you put out a certain energy toward people, you were guaranteed to get it back. So, I strived to pour out all the energy that I deemed to be positive, in hopes to get that same vibe back.

It didn’t always work.

I don’t know if it’s the angst of the teenagers or the early mornings or what, but I just did not click or felt a sense of belonging. Reflecting back, I think every one of us who has entered High School has felt that on some degree.

Fast forward 20 years and here I am. A lot has changed in my psyche and the way I view life. I still have a tendency to believe that if we are all made up of the same essence (love, beauty, harmony, greatness) then why don’t we act accordingly and honour that? At thirty something years old, I am still learning that not everybody has the same heart and thought process as myself. And it’s not as though I think that I am right even 70% of the time, but I do know that what I am comprised of is lovely and I like to honour that the best way I can. We cannot expect that people would act the same way that we would in a situation. We are not carbon copies of each other. That’s what makes life interesting.

In my present day with all the experience with people I have had over the years, (trust me, it’s a lot when you are a hairstylist and an actor) I have come to this simple yet vital conclusion:

Be you. Ugh, I know. So cliche. But so true.

Be you in all your glory, ugliness, shyness, quirkiness, beauty, creativity, insecurity, moodiness, and kindness.

The best lesson that I learned from dropping the expectation that people should respond the way that you want them to respond is this:

It has NOTHING to do with you. So be you anyway. Authentically and passionately.

With love,



Easy Like Sunday Morning

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I awoke today with lightness in my heart. It’s rare these days to feel that truly past our mid-20’s, isn’t it?

I find the older we get, the more we are “in our heads” and life just seems to pass us by.

My theory on that is when we are young, everything around us is so new and fresh to our eyes. We take in colors and songs and games like sponges. We are so in the moment because we are living with full awareness. Days seem to go on forever and we maximize our time.

Once adulthood hits, though, we withdraw into our mind. We have more responsibilities and we focus more on our past, our bills, our anxieties, and our unfolded future.

By the end of the day as an adult, we wonder where that day went and why the months and years and decades seem to speed up the older we get.

It’s because we may have lost the set of fresh eyes that we once had.

My advice, dear reader, is to always seek out new experiences and challenges. Create a life for yourself that allows you to be present in the moment. Go outside more. Study the trees swaying, look up to the clouds. It can even be as simple as switching up your radio station for your morning commute.

We have this one life (that we know of) and it will be over one day. Fill up your days with simple pleasures.

Time just may slow down a little.

With love always,

Lindsay Maxwell.

Ships that Sail and Ships that Fail

Ships that Sail and Ships that Fail

Blog time, guys and dolls! I have my usual Earl Grey tea with my usual splash of vanilla almond milk. Grab your drink du jour and let’s get on with this. 
Relationships are the number one topic that I discuss with people. And I would like to think that know a heck of a lot about them.
One of my careers that I have chosen to do is be a hairstylist. I am going on my 17th year of being one. (I started when I was 5…kidding.) Over those 17 years, I have developed bonds with my clients and they share their innermost thoughts, experiences, and feelings with me. I take it with great honor and respect. I will never divulge specifics (your confessions are safe with me) and I do not judge at all. There is a safety within that. A confidence which is given.
Back to it….relationships.
Men and women are very different but from what I have observed, we have similar end goals; to love and be loved. We WANT it to work out. We WANT all that romance, splendor, adventure, twitterpation, challenge, growth, connectedness and companionship.
So why is it that there are so many heartbreaks, heartaches, sad songs and Sylvia Plath-esque poetry out there?
My first instinctual response to that question of why it doesn’t work out between lovers so often is that we live in what I call “The Instant Gratification Nation.” 

People have become disposable and we have a ‘what’s next?’ attitude and our access of communication has become more digital and technological. 

Everything is literally at the tips of our fingers and special events can happen so fast these days.
Sometimes when relationships are too quick to blossom, they are usually quick to wilt.
My second instinctual response to that question is “But these events, love songs, poetry and heartbreaks have been happening since the dawn of time..not just the instant gratification nation.”
Personally, the best artwork and writing I ever created was shortly after a breakup that came out of left field. It shook my very core yet it created the most beauty I’ve ever seen in my life. 
Men and women have been butting heads since the beginning. History has proven that time and time again. 
Therefore, it’s not just a generational occurrence…
Granted, I do think that people are more quick to jump out of a relationship when it doesn’t deem to fit their needs/wants or desires anymore these days. 
People think there’s a freedom with so many choices. 
But then there are those beautiful relationships. The ones where there is that click. The foundation is friendship, trust, respect and loyalty. The ones where you know that person has your back no matter what and you have their back no matter what. Your life is brighter and more complete with them. You were perfectly content on your own but their presence in your life enriches it to a deeper level and it has more meaning and value. It has sacredness. You feel protective of your significant other and your dynamic.
I have always equated relationships to be like a smoothie from Booster Juice. You taste amazing just as you are, but the relationship is like the added Booster shot that enhances flavor and performance. The key is being ok on your own, but fully welcoming something that will coincide on a grand scale.
My former pastor said something that really resonated with me.
“If you think the grass is greener on the other side, you are not watering your own grass well enough.”
The raw truth is that in every relationship, you will have moments of where you think the grass is greener on the other side. It’s human nature. But if you just tend to your grass more in those moments, you will be amazed in how it will grow. 
Relationships are so unique, special and enthralling. They can create the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.
The advice that I give my clients, friends, self , and now you is pretty consistent…
Know yourself and work on yourself first. Become your own best friend and know your needs, hearts desires and life musts. Be fulfilled with that and you will attract a like minded and suited partner who is at a healthy state as well. Do not look for someone who will be everything for you or make them your everything. That is too much expectation for one person. 
And love. Love profusely. Love deeply. Love beautifully.
Love is a verb.
Lindsay Maxwell.


  • Blog time! Please get in your comfy spot with a warm beverage and connect to my words with me. Again, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and feelings. I appreciate you. 

All I know is this: 
Our Earth is a gift given to ALL of us to enjoy, build upon, tend to, take food from, plant, harvest, provide shelter, and be a home for all of us to experience our human existence here. 
In reality, we are ALL visitors here for a short time. Divisions and borders have all been merely created. A man made illusion. 
Our world is in a sad state and has been for a long time. It’s in human nature to create division and divide. It is human nature that feels the need to conquer and rule and to feel right and justified. Some say they do acts in the name of their religion. Some people act out of fear and ignorance. Some people are just jerks. 
We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Our innate nature is solely to love and prosper. But somewhere along the line, we have forgotten that. 
100 years from now, I hope that I’m in a place (Heaven, universe, different realm) where we, as spiritual beings, evolve and recognize that we all come from the same source and realize the beauty in each other. The beauty in ourselves. 
I’m saddened for those who cannot be with their loved ones due to being born in a place out of their control. It could have easily just have happened to you or me. You had no control over that. 
Most of my beautiful friends and family share my sentiments, but for those of you who have hardened hearts, prejudices, fear, righteousness….look within you and try to find tolerance. Don’t forget that we all bleed red and we all have the same stuff. 
Yes, there will always be cultural differences that we are not all going to agree on. Yes, there are insane and awful people from all corners of the world including right here. And it sucks. It hurts that there’s so much torment and ugliness in this world. But there is so much beauty and joy here, too. 
Building walls and creating division will not stop mad men from creating harm. It will only add fuel to their fire. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. History has proven that over and over…
We are all in this journey together regardless of our colour, creed, mannerisms, and choices in music. 
You know this. 
With love,
Lindsay Maxwell.