Sunday morning blog, friends! Please grab your morning beverage of choice and sit here with my thoughts for a while. I’m about to take my first sips of a gorgeous and steaming cup of earl grey with a splash of cashew milk and coconut sugar.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

No matter what, you need to be yourself in your most raw and authentic way.

There is absolutely no point to try and be someone you’re not for people. At the end of the day, it will get you nowhere.

Each one of you offers something so unique and precious and you are worthy just by being you. You don’t need to have parlour tricks up your sleeve in order to be a part of this game. There are those of you out there who can sing like no other, do math like no other, listen like no other, make coffee like no other, and change a diaper like no other.

No matter how big or “small” your God Given Gifts are, you bring value to peoples lives; whether it’s on a smaller scale or more grandiose. It doesn’t matter. You just be you.

This isn’t a quick race to the finish line, my friends. I’m reminded today to slow down, take in these moments, and remember my roots. Time is passing and us along with it.

You do not need to fabricate any part of yourself for acceptance or love.

My challenge for you this week is to turn inward and give yourself that acceptance and love. Yes, even the ugly and unlovable bits. When you do that, you are more free to look outward with a clearer mindset.

Go be fabulous. You already just are. Remember that.


Lindsay M.


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