Sunday morning blog time, my friends. Please grab your morning “pick me up” and glimpse into my thoughts for a few minutes. I’m sipping on a green matcha tea surrounded by boxes,bins, and bags awaiting in anticipation for my upcoming move.

I think a change will do you good.

Are you freaking out by that statement? Even just a little?


You need to be shaken up every once in a while. Otherwise, you’ll become complacent and comfortable and coast. The dreaded three C’s.

Complacency is being ok with being ok; staying stagnant and not evolving. That goes against everything in nature as everything in nature is constantly evolving and growing and going through cycles.

Comfort is a cousin of complacency. Comfort will lure you in to a flat line of “everything is fine….neither good nor bad” kind of state. Where do you grow from that? It almost blinds you and stunts you.

Coasting is a Great Aunt of complacency and comfort. She’s been around a looonnng time and she’s been surviving off of comfort and complacency–watching the years and opportunities she wishes she participated in pass her by. Coasting is like dipping your baby toe in the water when the rest of your spirit is screaming to jump in.

Well, the beautiful thing about this little life of ours is our “Wake up Calls”… the little nudges that prods and pokes us to come to a level of awareness that we can no longer ignore. In any moment we can change our thoughts and put action toward them.

You are not your shortcomings. You are not your past mistakes. You are not your (what you deem to be) failures.

You are a work in progress. And progress you shall. You are interesting and intricate and useful and quirky at times. You have value. You have awareness.

Now, what I gently (and firmly because I’m in duality like that) suggest is that you pause for a moment and check in to see where you’re at. Are you partaking in the “Dreaded Three C’s” play or are you creating, collaborating, and collecting new adventures?

I cannot stress enough how much your 92 year old self does not want you to fall into the trap of monotony. He/She is begging you to seek life, beauty, vastness, growth, and change on a constant basis. Even if it’s just little things. It will make a huge impact on your today and on your future.

I think you’re swell. And I think you’ve got it in you.

It’s in the back of your mind. Yes, that little thing that’s niggling to come out…that’s YOU trying to break out and change course. Make you a priority. Make that little voice a bloomed and magnificent flower.

I always believe in you.

With total certainty,

Lindsay M.


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