Look at that. It’s Sunday morning again. That must mean that it’s Sunday morning blog time. Please sit with me and sip on your tea, coffee, smoothie, or morning hair of the dog while you read my thoughts.

Have you noticed that whenever you have gone through what you deem to be a hardship or trials, that is what propels you to positively change something in your life.

It’s like it is a wake up call. So many times in life, we can coast through it and everything feels “ok” or “fine”, even.

Who on earth wants to go through life consistently feeling ok or fine?

But then something upsetting, not right, hurtful, or downright awful happens to you and it shakes your core but also shakes your awareness and brings you to a place of…”Alright, enough of this bullshit…”

That is where you have to take a step back (and, dear reader, I know it’s hard when you’re in the midst of heartache) and take a good look at your precious life and see things as not necessarily happening to you, but happening FOR you.

I will share a personal example.

A couple of weeks ago I was out with some friends and had a couple glasses of wine which I’m totally fine with. Unfortunately, I had this on an empty stomach. Another round came and I thought, “Eh, I’m Polish, Irish, and Scottish…I can handle 3 measly glasses of wine.”

Well, the next morning I felt dreadful. I know. We have all been there. I was surprised because I was used to casually drinking a couple of glasses of wine here and there often. No big deal. But then I asked myself: “Why?”

“Why do I consume wine as often as I do?”

I came to the conclusion that it was a (for me) false sense of security, comfort, anxiety prohibiting, and tasty wee habit.

I’m currently on a 30 day no alcohol and healthy eating cleanse which was propelled by that silly night where I felt wretched from over consumption.

And I feel fantastic and vibrant and clear! But..I would have continued to unconsciously drink the wine with my dinners and socially more often than I realized not connecting to the why had I not been “woken up” to what the effects really were doing.

Tony Robbins states this:

“You will tolerate things in your life until you don’t tolerate them anymore!”

It’s true. But sometimes you don’t realize the stress and certain abusive people and situations in your life until a large, and often, a shakeup occurs.

Please do not look at these situations as a negative, my friends.

Trials, hardships, tough lessons, and sometimes losses are to be used for you to reflect on what is truly of value to you.

You are a human being. You have brokenness, beauty, worth, and a myriad of everything within you.

You are built to persevere and level up.

This week I challenge you to reflect upon the experiences you have had throughout your life that you had deemed to be awful and unfair at the time and then try to find what the good was that came out of it had you not gone through that. And…the person you are today.

We are shaped and formed by our experiences and we are here to strive and even jive 😉

Don’t lose faith through the storm, my friend.

It’s bringing you to exactly where you’re supposed to be.

With the utmost care,

Lindsay M.


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