Hustle and Flow

Sunday morning blog, dear friends. Please grab your morning choice of beverage and cozy up with me and my thoughts.

Sometimes I get angry. Most of the time I’m pretty even keel; pleasant in mind and spirit. But sometimes, I get really angry. I want to exam our anger today. Amongst other things.

Anger is a real emotion. Its derivative is usually stemmed from hurt, unmet expectations, and disappointment. It’s a cutting emotion that comes up in various sorts of ways. Sometimes we lash out, sometimes we hold it in, and (my least favourite) sometimes we get passive aggressive.

We have ALL been hurt before. We have all had anger. You and I and everyone on here have probably experienced some sort of every emotion available.

Emotions come and go. They move through us as they should.

But anger, now that’s a tricky one.

Anger in your heart can be devastating to your health and mental well being. It can manifest physical ailments if you harbour it. I’m a big believer in expressing to someone how you feel—effectively.

Use words like, “I feel this way when this happens…” or “I want to tell you how I’m feeling.”

Common sense, yes. But so often in anger we are quick to make the other person wrong and when have you ever seen that go over well when someone is quick to jump down another’s throat?

I’m watching my life shift. People are coming in and out of it. Some friendships are dwindling and some are lighting up. That’s the nature of things. You put into relationships/friendships what you can and if it’s reciprocated, great! If not, thank you for the lesson.

But, my dear readers, remember that you are worthy to be loved by those whom you surround yourself with. Please do not surround yourself with people who don’t see your greatness and value. You don’t need to be something more grandiose than what you are today. You’ll find your tribe. I have often said that I’d rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies.

We are not perfect. We are not always going to be everything to everyone. That’s exhausting and unrealistic.

I’m watching unexpressed anger and emotions dissolve relationships and friendships. Yes, unpleasant emotions are tough to confront, but remember, you will always feel lighter if you express it in an effective way.

As Will Smith once wrote and sang:

“Hate in your heart will consume you, too…”

I invite and challenge you today to exam your heart and see where you’re at. Maybe call up that friend that you’ve been meaning to apologize to. Maybe gently confront that family member who wronged you. Whatever it is, don’t hold on too hard. I promise you’ll feel better with open and honest communication. You’re safe.

With a helpful nudge toward your wellbeing,

Lindsay M.


2 thoughts on “Hustle and Flow

  1. Like other writings, this article has been excellent and sincere. You have touched so many beautiful places about anger. Yes, what you write is what happens to everyone and will continue to come. Emotional changes. More precisely, the defense mechanism of human psychology against living negative situations. From the smallest mistake to the great tragedy. Although most people can restrain the anger, others can create very sad situations with this anger. Actions. Excessive counter-reactions given. There are many aspects of your anger. Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove all of them. Mankind is an insatiable being. Something to be angry will continue to happen even if conditions are perfect. But if we can listen to each other as you say, if we can understand, we can make peace with ourselves and our surroundings. It’s a deep, but superficial, thing I can tell. You already said the best.

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