Mr. Worry

Sunday morning blog time, friends! Grab yourself a cup of tea/coffee/rum and eggnog (too soon?) and have a lookie-loo into the thoughts I want to share on this rainy November Sunday.

Do you worry? Do you overthink? Do you spend time feeling anxious over things that haven’t happened but you’ve created in your mind? Do you wake up in the morning sometimes and immediately your headspace goes to yesterday’s troubles or tomorrow’s fears?

You’re not alone. 99.9% of us go through that at some point in their lives. It’s a discomfort that most of us think we battle alone. Yet, day by day, we put on that “mask” or “veneer” so that we appear ok and that our anxiousness isn’t getting the better of us; so that we can portray to the world that we are fine.

Guess what? If you’re struggling with thoughts like that, there is something you need to look at. There’s something that is not in alignment with your ideals and expectation of what you feel to be true for your life and well being. Maybe there’s a part within you that is coasting along and not feeling a connection to the here and now.

We are created to live fully present in the moment and to flow with everything. We cannot transport into the past nor future (yet 😉) but we are created to be fully alive and aware right…now.

Where has your worry, anxiety, fear, self doubt ever taken you? Probably onto the path of MORE worry, anxiety, fear, and self doubt.

And we fight it, you know. We have a strong determination to fight the worry and give it so much attention. It’s true what they say,

“What you put your attention on, you will create.”

Look, you guys, I can be a notorious worry wart. I tend to overthink and sometimes feel hyper aware of all the things happening around me and within me.

What I challenge us to do this week is to look within and confront these worries and then put into action some mindfulness techniques to bring us to the present moment which is much healthier on our psyche. Enjoy the richness that is around you in this very moment.

Do a step toward aligning yourself to your authenticity and vibration of what feels harmonious to you. You don’t need to go too steep of a gradient; baby steps are ok.

You will start to open up and be receptive to less worry (and I’m not talking about not caring–two different things) and you will start to feel more connection to the flow of life. You are all a part of it–make sure you’re awake and not in the past that has passed nor in the unknown future. Be here. Now.

Sending love and calming chamomile tea to your wee souls,

Lindsay M.


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