Please find your spot to read this little ditty and enjoy. 
I’m speaking at a very special event today. My dearest friend and soul sister is putting it on. It’s for the Sparkle Project BC. Basically, it’s an event to remind everyone that we were all born with a sparkle and glow to give to this world and to not let anyone or anything dim that beautiful light. What a thoughtful event and intention. 
So often we are squashed by others. It’s been like that since the dawn of time and I would love to just chalk it up to human nature, but I think we deserve more than that. I think our essence is made from love, light, creativity, bliss, loyalty, divine…that feels right, doesn’t it? Anything that’s opposite of that isn’t what we are innately comprised of—sure, we have a myriad of emotions and that’s grand, but I think our general spirit is to reside in joy and playfulness. That’s why we love games, sports, trivia, experiences, etc…because of our playfulness. 
I’m going to keep this one short and sweet today, my friends. I have a lot of prep to do for the event. 
I’ll leave you with this, though. 
Don’t forget who you TRULY are. You are not your bills, your breakup, your flu, your mistakes, your shortcomings, your addictions…
YOU are intricate, complex, vibrant, worthy, consistently growing, learning, and made from love into love. 
Go shine and, hey, maybe even sparkle a little. 
Love you’s,


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