Sunday morning blog time, friends. Please excuse my absence this summer as it was packed with all sorts of goodies that demanded my attention away from my blogs. 
I’m currently residing on the 25th floor (and I’m afraid of heights, go figure) of my apartment with an earl grey tea a’ brewing and a piece of dark chocolate in hand (because that truly is the secret to happiness)…so, go grab a beverage of choice, find your comfy spot and stay with me for a bit. 
How are you? 
It’s a question that is heard throughout our days from friends, acquaintances, strangers, baristas, etc…
But I’m asking you now. How are you? 

Right now? 
You see, it’s important to keep yourself in check from time to time. It’s important to reflect and take note of your thoughts, emotions, and general well being. Also, it’s crucial to understand that no matter what your current state is, be it good or bad, it will pass and flow through you. 
We get so attached to our feelings and thoughts and emotions that we tend to forget that our body is just a vessel, a conductor if you will, to express and experience these emotions. All of the “stuff” that goes on in our head is fleeting and is not to be taken “so seriously.”
What may have bothered you in the 6th grade that was so significant at the time, probably doesn’t faze you in the slightest now. 
We are not meant to hold on or grow weary by our emotions or our thoughts or our feelings. They serve us, yes, to play out this human experience we are having on this lovely little planet. 
If we get stuck too much in our heads, we will miss out on all the richness and beauty and melancholy and heart tugging experiences around us. We don’t want to become so consumed with our own selves that we miss what the bigger picture is. 
This week I challenge you and myself to step outside of our own heads, repetitions, and monotony. I challenge us to connect to the grander scale. Grab a couple of nuggets from what opens up to you and then put them in your pocket and apply it to your life. 
Let go and grow. 
With love, 



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