Sunday morning blog time, my dear friends. Sorry that I have been missing in action as of late…too many festivities surrounding my life so my apologies. Get a cup of your favourite morning beverage and have a wee snuggle with my words. 
Ahhh..take a sip. Relaxed? Good. 
I’m here to talk to you today about your beautiful life. Oh, don’t roll your eyes at me. Have you forgotten how beautiful your life truly is? 
Have you forgotten that you have come this far already? You have battled through odd upbringings, failed relationships, stagnant jobs, math class (the horror!), terrible news, deaths of loved ones, the 2016 American election…yet here you are. In this precious Sunday moment. Reading my goods. 
Do I see a small smile of knowingness on your face? 
Yes, you have triumphed through the sludge and drudges of life to end up here…with me. And these words. And, in my humble opinion, that current reality isn’t so bad. 
Oh, I know your brain. Your brain loves to jump into the past and dwell and sometimes your brain loves to worry about an unknown future. Have you ever asked yourself this…
Does that serve you or others? 
Does going over and over in your mind what someone may have done to you in the past or a past regret serve your now? No. It doesn’t. Actually, it takes you away from this Great Game called LIFE! Life is meant to be LIVED and you can only live while you are present. 
So, buck up, because I’m not telling you anything your soul doesn’t already know. 
It’s time to take the reigns and jump on because before you know it, your precious/beautiful/messed up life is going to be over. 

You don’t know when and you will be KICKING yourself if you wait to truly feel alive. 
So enough of this living in the past or worrying about the future. It’s all just make believe. Forgive yourself, forgive others and dance your dance. 
Shed and be. 
I love your faces. Go be fabulous. You owe it to yourselves. 
With love,

Lindsay Maxwell.


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