Good morning, my friends. Grab whatever concoction suits your needs to read this and find your comfy spot. I’m currently writing from my cozy bed. It’s still dark out but I need to write. Enjoy. 
I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamt that I walked into a local Vancouver coffee shop and sat down and started sobbing. It was a huge release and I couldn’t stop. There was a person in there that came to me and introduced himself as “The Stranger.”
His energy was calming yet powerful. He told me to sit in the corner while he was about to show me a power point presentation of life. 
He kissed me on my forehead as I was still sobbing (it was gut wrenching-I’ll have to look into this because in my personal waking life I have absolutely nothing to be sobbing about-tears of joy, yes, but not this). He began the slideshow:
“In life we are given an empty canvas which we can co-Create with. Think about every thing that you’ve created in life…relationships, job experiences, travel, doodles, etc…”
He continued.
“Now think about all the ingredients that went into each creation. You have to add some salt to bring out the sweetness. You have to add spice. Sometimes there aren’t enough ingredients and sometimes there are too much and you don’t know where to start.”
I listened.
“The thing is though, is that for every creation you have painted onto your canvas, all the colours that you have used have been the perfectly imperfect colours to create your masterpiece. They’re all there for the taking. You just need to keep using them.”
I had stopped crying at that point and my heart started to swell with gratitude. “The Stranger” continued…
“Every achievement has a little messiness and imperfection woven within it. A great dinner is not prepared in a immaculate kitchen. There will be dishes to be washed, timers to be set, trepidation about trying a new recipe…
But the end result is a beautifully cooked meal. Just like life. 
You see, life is not going to be full of perfect moments or always happy moments. It will get messy and sometimes hectic. But the rich thing about life is that you always have the choice to clean up after yourself and take a step back and reflect.”

By the end of our coffee shop meeting I was feeling light and grateful. I thanked “The Stranger” and he told me he loved me and not to worry. He also said…”Write about this in your Blog…”
I then awoke. That was 20 minutes ago. 
So, my dear ones, “The Stranger” in my dream was quite bang on…he had a lot to offer on this fine morning. He absolutely felt like no Stranger..more like an Angel. 
This week I want us to remember that we have all the richness and beauty and access to tools to make our creations into something wonderful. Trust the process. 
You’re creating a masterpiece-your life. 
With love,
Lindsay Maxwell and credits to “The Stranger” in my dream.


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