I awoke today with lightness in my heart. It’s rare these days to feel that truly past our mid-20’s, isn’t it?

I find the older we get, the more we are “in our heads” and life just seems to pass us by.

My theory on that is when we are young, everything around us is so new and fresh to our eyes. We take in colors and songs and games like sponges. We are so in the moment because we are living with full awareness. Days seem to go on forever and we maximize our time.

Once adulthood hits, though, we withdraw into our mind. We have more responsibilities and we focus more on our past, our bills, our anxieties, and our unfolded future.

By the end of the day as an adult, we wonder where that day went and why the months and years and decades seem to speed up the older we get.

It’s because we may have lost the set of fresh eyes that we once had.

My advice, dear reader, is to always seek out new experiences and challenges. Create a life for yourself that allows you to be present in the moment. Go outside more. Study the trees swaying, look up to the clouds. It can even be as simple as switching up your radio station for your morning commute.

We have this one life (that we know of) and it will be over one day. Fill up your days with simple pleasures.

Time just may slow down a little.

With love always,

Lindsay Maxwell.


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