• Blog time! Please get in your comfy spot with a warm beverage and connect to my words with me. Again, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and feelings. I appreciate you. 

All I know is this: 
Our Earth is a gift given to ALL of us to enjoy, build upon, tend to, take food from, plant, harvest, provide shelter, and be a home for all of us to experience our human existence here. 
In reality, we are ALL visitors here for a short time. Divisions and borders have all been merely created. A man made illusion. 
Our world is in a sad state and has been for a long time. It’s in human nature to create division and divide. It is human nature that feels the need to conquer and rule and to feel right and justified. Some say they do acts in the name of their religion. Some people act out of fear and ignorance. Some people are just jerks. 
We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Our innate nature is solely to love and prosper. But somewhere along the line, we have forgotten that. 
100 years from now, I hope that I’m in a place (Heaven, universe, different realm) where we, as spiritual beings, evolve and recognize that we all come from the same source and realize the beauty in each other. The beauty in ourselves. 
I’m saddened for those who cannot be with their loved ones due to being born in a place out of their control. It could have easily just have happened to you or me. You had no control over that. 
Most of my beautiful friends and family share my sentiments, but for those of you who have hardened hearts, prejudices, fear, righteousness….look within you and try to find tolerance. Don’t forget that we all bleed red and we all have the same stuff. 
Yes, there will always be cultural differences that we are not all going to agree on. Yes, there are insane and awful people from all corners of the world including right here. And it sucks. It hurts that there’s so much torment and ugliness in this world. But there is so much beauty and joy here, too. 
Building walls and creating division will not stop mad men from creating harm. It will only add fuel to their fire. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. History has proven that over and over…
We are all in this journey together regardless of our colour, creed, mannerisms, and choices in music. 
You know this. 
With love,
Lindsay Maxwell. 


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