Blog Time, ladies and gents. Hopefully, you have a cuppa coffee/tea in your hand and are in your comfy spot. I’m writing to you today from the comforts of my bed with a glass of water by my side.
We are all allotted the same 24 hours each day. What we choose to do with it is our choice. The beautiful/sad thing is that we don’t know how many of these 24 hour days we are allotted in our lifetime.
So…go out and do what you need to do…If you want to.
This is a recurring theme in my blogs but I cannot reiterate it enough.
We now live in a time where we have so much access and resources to find ways and knowledge to live the life you desire and provide for you and your family.
We also live in a time where there’s heavy inflation, we don’t make enough, there’s so much debt, etc….
My advice to you ,and this is part of my personal journey and growth, is to become educated with your financial literacy. If we spent half the time we did on devoting to reading or learning about the game of money that we did on social media, we would become much more financial savvy.
So, if that’s what is holding you back in life, learn ways and skills to empower you and, in turn, you will demonstrate that onto your offspring. They will then learn skills to get them through this tumultuous and unforeseen future.
We have more tools and assets than we give ourselves credit for. Use them. Believe that you have them. Because you do.
I truly believe in if we shift our focus on any area of our life, that part of our lives starts to get optimal results.
For instance, I just started an exercise class. Throughout my years, I have relied on my high energy and fast metabolism to stay “in shape”. But then I thought to myself that I want to see what my body is capable of. I want to push myself and become stronger and more flexible.
So I’ve been showing up to class 2-3/week and even though it is tough, I’m seeing changes. I have shifted my focus and am already seeing results.
Your thoughts and intentions will take you there.
Haven’t you noticed the patterns in your life? Where your thoughts go, you go?
I love the quote, ” Whether you think you can or cannot, you’re right!”
This is a tough love blog today. And, as I write this to you, I write it and journey it myself.

Thank you for walking this journey with me, friends.
2017…it’s yours for the taking…but only if you want it.
With love,
Lindsay Maxwell.


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