Mt. Everest

Sunday morning blog time, everyone. Please sit with me while you drink your hot (or cold or tepid) cup of something delicious and let’s do this. I’m drinking coffee on this fine morning with a splash of almond milk and sprinkles of cinnamon. Cheers.

I heard a quote yesterday that I connected to. It was:

“Faith can move mountains but fear can create them.”

Isn’t that the damn truth?

When you look back on your life and reflect upon those times when you had faith and determination and perseverance that all would turn out ok, maybe not the way originally intended, but ok…didn’t that drive and faith take you to a great destination?

And when you look back or maybe you are in a state now where you are fraught with worry or anxiousness or impending doom, why, you’ve already created the energy and feeling of the outcome.

I don’t pretend to be God or fully understand how this universe we live in fully orchestrates but…

What I do know from being around for 36 years on this gorgeous little planet of ours is this:

What we choose to focus on we will have more of. Plain and simple.

When we focus on gratitude and inner joy, it seems to pop up wherever we go.

The opposite is true in this case. When we focus on the negative, that’s all we can see. Energy is contagious!

I’ll give you an example. Picture a beautiful marble statue intricately sculpted and its placed in a grand entrance in a palace. It’s a masterpiece and it’s an antique. Along its way, it’s had some minor scratches and bruises but the overall look of it hasn’t changed.

There are two people looking at it and the one person admires the great detail and the magnitude of it’s beauty. And the other person just zero’s in on the markups and mishaps on it and sneers.

You see, what we innately choose to look for and see in others, our lives, and even our experiences is what we are going to find more of.

I don’t know about you but I would rather choose to look for the beauty in people, the use of the rain, the lesson in the heartbreaks…

You will always find what you’re looking for because everything is available to you; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Have faith, my friends. Choose the lighted path even if it seems dim at the moment.

Fear will only hold you by making you walk in circles. And stagnancy is dull.

Go get ‘em, you fearless beauties.

With love,

Lindsay M.


It’s always best to start at the beginning…

“The Wizard of Oz” is my favourite movie of all time.

I’m on a journey of self enhancement, awareness, and discovery. (I bet you are, too 😉)

I’m sitting here reflecting on which each main character represents in life and I want to share with you what impacted me today and how it connects.

Dorothy: She wants different adventures and she knows that she will find them once she gets out of her comfort zone. Yet nothing REALLY happens until a tornado forces her to travel to a new land and adapt to her new environment. But Oz is so colourful and a stark contrast between her farm in Kansas. The tornado (or “hardships” in life) was just what she needed to move through to the other side.

The Scarecrow: He was in search for brains because he knew that the more knowledge he gained, the better he’d be at fighting off the scarecrows and challenges in his life. Knowledge is power and with that comes responsibility. He was destined to be more than just a man stationed to his pole.

The Tin Man: Feeling like he got gypped out of life because he was made without a heart. He yearned for connection to oneself and to others innately knowing that it is the heart and passion that drives you to your destination and life’s purpose.

The Cowardly Lion: This gentle giant is the king of the jungle. He has everything going for him; title, strength, disposition, and instinct. He lacked his own realization of courage. He knew that courage would allow him to step into his greatness and be what he was Designed to be.

The Wicked Witch: Along the way on our personal Yellow Brick Roads, we are going to run into obstacles, naysayers, hardships, and sour people. But the road leads to our hearts desires and just because someone who is one tracked minded (ruby red slippers much?) should not interfere with your perseverance to greatness.

The Wizard: He encompasses all that we are comprised of. He has brains, heart, courage, and he’s a little bit imperfect. Above all else, he shows us that we have it all within us and we just need to access it.

Glinda backs that up by saying that the POWER was in us all along and that we just need to believe it for ourselves. We can be told things until we are blue in the face, but wait until we realize it’s ours already and that’s when the real magic happens.

If you’re feeling lost today or off track (off your Yellow Brick Road), remember my sentimental friends…

Your Power Pack is your home. It’s what guides you to your highest self.

And…There’s no place like Home.

Love you guys,

Lindsay M.

(aka Dorothy)

Hello, old friend…

Sunday morning blog time, my friends. I’m currently in Whistler writing to you from the comforts of my hotel room awaiting my morning tea. Have a seat with my thoughts and let’s do this.

Did you guys know that I’ve been an experiencer of anxiety practically my whole life? I want to share some tidbits of information with you.

In my youth, I had extreme separation anxiety. I used to cry when I went to elementary school, field trips, and I wasn’t able to withstand sleepovers at other people’s houses. I had an impending doom fear that if I was away from my parents, something awful was bound to happen. I remember feeling embarrassed about my fears and tears but I had a great childhood regardless. I wish I could go back to the ages of me from a 6-8 year old and give her a big hug.

Anxiety is a tricky little bugger. In some ways I was always trying new things, making new friends, climbing trees, auditioning, putting on plays and , in my teenage years, going out on dates and going to parties.

But it can creep up on you in different ways. It made me feel as though I had to be liked by everyone and people please. And, in our great wisdom now, we know that is absolutely impossible. I love the quote:

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach but there are people out there who just don’t like peaches…”

My chosen professions in life are acting ,first and foremost, and hairstyling. Throw blogging in there and here we go.

These artistic outlets have assisted in my personal development and have assisted me face this little gremlin of anxiety head on.

And now I want to speak to your heart from mine.

We ALL have “stuff” that we go through and process. Some of us process emotions differently than others. In fact, we all do.

The question is this:

“Do you want to stay in the mindset that something you feel isn’t helpful to your well being or do you want to be proactive and get to the root of your woes?”

I’m fully aware that my sensitive being will always feel things more than the average Joe. But talking with wonderful counsellors and friends have worked wonders. We are in a body that is so in tune with our feelings so I try to eat and nourish my body as healthily as possible. (Chocolate counts 😉)

I take time for myself. I practice self love like going for walks, writing, and the odd little indulgence here and there.

I haven’t conquered the anxiety fully but I am more mindful about what triggers it and what I need while experiencing a dreaded panic attack. (Beastly things).

I share this with you because no matter how aware, put together, friendly, confident, etc…a person is, we ALL have battles (some large, some small) that we are trying to create a victory over.

You’re always welcome to private message me if you wish to talk further.

Sending love to those places that need to heal,

Lindsay M.

Who Am I?

Sunday morning blog time, my friends. Thank you for sitting here with me on this fine long weekend. I’m hyped up on some coffee with a splash of almond milk and cinnamon sprinkles. Life is dandy.

You know about this weeks sensation of “Yanny” vs “Laurel?”

It’s really made me think.

Some people would hear “Yanny” and some people would hear “Laurel.” In fact, I was in the same room as someone who heard Laurel while I heard Yanny.

There are scientific facts about the frequency and the treble and bass of it all, but it started to make me think about how we all experience life at different frequencies.

Some people may go through life and feel like the world is against them. Some people go through life and feel as though the world is cheering for them.

It’s all about your perception.

What I’ve been awaking to is my awareness of my own thoughts and feelings and experiences. The more I become aware that life has fleeting moments and feelings, the less weight and importance I put on them. Sometimes we can feel as though it’s the end of the world and then the next hour we realize that it passes and we are back to being more level.

We perceive a lot from our belief systems from environment and happenstance and upbringing. And everybody has had a different path than our own.

So, life is happening as it is and it’s our perception that experiences it.

Yes, there are very good things and very bad things that happen in our everyday lives but a lot of it has to do with our process of perceiving.

It’s not to say that the big stuff should just be flowed through quickly—there are moments to grieve and to rejoice, absolutely. What I am saying, though, is sometimes we may PERCEIVE something as bad but in all reality, it’s working toward our greater good. (Like that one last squat set at the gym 😉)

Don’t take life so seriously, my friends. It’s going to fly by and my wish for you all as you are into your 90’s and are reflecting on your past, that you experienced a myriad and rich and full adventure. That you let moments affect you and flow through you. That you never carried the weight of the world on your shoulders.

That is my wish for your life.

With love,

Lindsay, Laurel, and Yanny

Tres Magnifique

Sunday morning blog time, my friends. Please sip on something tasty and replenishing while I write to you. I’m accompanied by a gorgeous mug of camomile tea and I’m ready to go.

You have no idea how magnificent you truly are. You don’t. It’s utterly impossible for you to view yourself from an honest to goodness truthful point of view.

I’ve been observing people in my life as of late. I have fantastic, healthy, beautiful friendships and acquaintances in my life. I admire so many wonderful and unique qualities that each one possesses. I sometimes sit back and watch their intelligence spill out their mouths or their intuition being subtly expressed. I become aware of why they are the way they are and how they seem to carry on in stride even after some incredible hardships. I see the pain, the beauty, the love, the struggle, and the experiences they’ve endured.

That in itself is magnificent.

Because, here you are in this moment. Everything that has ever happened to you and around you has actually happened FOR you to arrive to now. And this is it…for now.

You’re in this game for an allotted amount of time and, yes, it’s excellent to have goals and dreams to look forward to. But this present moment is just as important. It doesn’t always have to be grandiose to be special. Remember that as you see sunbeams. Remember that when you feel dim…

Fill yourself with self realization and positive affirmations. Recognize the sheer magnitude of your attributes and God Given Gifts.

You emit more radiance than you’ll probably ever realize. You are an asset to this world—wherever you are on your journey.

You are magnificent in your own right and especially on those days when you’re just feeling so-so, remember that your perception may be dulled. And that’s ok. You still are you and that’s SO enough.

So…go shake a tail feather. Put a feather in your cap. Call yourself Macaroni. Go be that fabulous little human that you are.

This is your wee life and you’re allowed to have some fun with it, you magnificent creature!

With love and a nudge to get your ball rolling,

Lindsay M.

It’s Gonna be A-OK

Sunday morning blog time, my friends. Please sit with me with your beverage of choice and keep me company while I write these words. I have a cuppa steaming green matcha tea by my side and I’m ready to rock and roll with you.

Do you think that anyone really has their lives totally together? From the outside looking in we are able to see vibrant people who have a multitude of friends, family, health, and charisma. They seem to have it all. And while they do have a lot, they even don’t have their lives together 100%.

It’s just not feasible for one human being to be constantly and consistently operating at 100% awesomeness at all times. Yet we live in this era where we can choose to display what we know others really want to see or the fun and beautiful and extravagant parts of life. We, myself included, can be inclusive in that. Be gentle with yourself and your process.

The thing that I’m learning from my days here on Earth is this:

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

We are not meant to compare to one another’s lives. What works for someone may not work for you. Just do you. We have no grand manual that’s going to explain your specific life and blueprint it out for you. Sure, we have amazing teachers before us. We have mentors and books and scriptures and friends. But each person is on their own journey coming from their own perceptions and experiences and thought processes.

What you do with your time here is completely up to you. You can waste it, hate it, struggle with it, love it, nurture it, and embrace it. Heck, you can do all of the above at different moments in your life.

The point is is that this is your life which was given to you and it’s yours to design and create and push through. And, in any moment you can do a 180• and change course. You are not a victim or slave to your own mind.

You are all natural born leaders and creatives. Try not to let society or what you see fed to you strip you of that. We need it now more than ever.

Shake it up once in a while. It always does a body good.

With utmost respect toward your journey and growth,

Lindsay M.

Let’s go with Picasso

Sunday morning blog time, my friends. Please grab your Sunday concoction of choice and join me down the rabbit hole. I’m currently sipping on earl grey tea with a splash of cashew milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I may or may not be having a chocolate cupcake while writing this, too.

None of us are immune to life’s circumstances. That counts for both the good and the bad. All of us have been touched in some way or another by beautiful and uplifting experiences and tragic soul crushing moments.

I am no stranger to either. And I doubt that you are as well.

I equate life to be a giant mural. From afar it’s a masterpiece full of rich colours and shading and contrasts and light.

When you look closer, though, you see that each brushstroke has different colours which compliment and contrast the other.

My least favourite colour in the colour wheel is brown. My favourite colours are turquoise, gold, and pale pink. When I look at my great mural, it’s full of all the colours; including brown. And the brown makes the beautiful colours even more vibrant.

You see, our favourite colours (moments) in life are our special and beautiful parts of our great mural. But you need the shading (the brown) moments in your life to really bring them out.

At the end of your life when you’re reflecting upon your great mural, don’t look too closely at how many times your least liked colours are present. Look at the overall beauty of your masterpiece.

It’s a one of a kind. And so are you.

Cheers to your beautiful piece of art,

Lindsay M.